This weeks' tandem poetry  - "the marvelous body and its desperate living" (a line I stole from Jill Malone's excellent book, A Field Guide to Deception) - is brought to you by Marilyn and David Oberhausen, of Pensacola, Florida (and in summer and fall, Dahlonega, Georgia).

The Marvelous Body and Its Desperate Living

by David Oberhausen

We are such wonders
and yet I wonder
Why do we struggle so
in search of joys?
We too quickly stray
from the sweet, simple pleasures
we caressed
as young girls and boys.
Relax now, return
to yesterday’s joys.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Marvelous Body and Its Desperate Living
by Marilyn Oberhausen

Ant moves, scurries, along the groove
of the limb’s dark bark, and I wonder
where it’s going. Does it know its destination?
Its slender legs tap furiously, starting,
stopping, hesitating , and then surging its
sleek body forward. Startled, I recognize these same
behaviors in myself. Wanting to live
fully, I walk, plant – do everything –
in one day, and then sink into fatigued
languidness the next, surging toward my own – unknown – destination.




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