Gurewitz & Rosenheim Grass Valley Retreat

Rough ‘n Ready
by Gail Gurewitz

After all is said and done,
it turns out that perfect really isn’t it.
The rough, soulful rhythms
dapples with the occasional mistake
carries more heart and connections
than the most pristine, crisp trill.
Not that she’ll ever master giving up
striving for the impossible.
But watching him exude his gorgeous, loving radiance,
no dry eye; inspiration born ready in the rough.

Rough ‘n Ready
by Jill Hurwitz

He was rough.
She was ready.
He: tromping up, steaming, from the stable
worn crop and hat dropped aside the spigot,
self-baptizes under a cold stream.
She: cinnamon cake browning in a spotless oven.
Lavender smell wafts up from undergarments
as she contemplates the setting sun.
“Come on, Rough Stuff,” she whispered.
“I’m ready.”

Rough ‘n Ready
by David Rosenheim

(to the sound of clopping hooves)

Charlie Penn was a real sum buck
by all accounts he was as mean as they come
his sisters were cheating gamblers
drinking whiskey from sun up ‘til the next one
John Wayne couldn’t a played ‘ol Charlie
whose teeth were each black or gone
he didn’t speak in tough guy elocution
he’d spit once if he was made twice before he’d shoot
As the sun warmed the Yuba River shore
Charlie fell drunk from his saddle and was stepped on by his horse.

(a lonesome whistle across the range)

Rough ‘n Ready
by Maya Gurewitz

Rough & Ready is a small town just
Outside the
Up & down sides of
Grass Valley. Most
humans don’t know about


Rough and Ready
even most
don’t know but if you go there sometime
You will know how wonderful it is

Rough & Ready
by Audrey (Nana) Rosenheim

I’m always game for Rough & Ready.
Breathing clean air makes me heady.
I leave behind the nitty gritty,
all the angst that connotes “city.”

The aspect that I love the best
Is being with those who’ve left our nest.
Parents of 10 grands so fine –
How great they are quite blows my mind.
Maya’s gourmet meals, hospitality of Gail & Ron moreover
I emphatically say, “My cup runneth over.”


Rough & Ready
by John Rosenheim

Rough n' Ready.....more than a venue...
It's where Maya excels with her menu.
And Ron n' Gail
Without fail
Are caring
And sharing.
From this paradise home
With memories we'll roam,
And another day
We'll return to play!


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